Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy consists of the following elements:

  • We do not believe is disclosing our client's personal information. It means that you can totally believe us while you are providing us your personal details. We do not involve any third party to our business. And we also do not leak your personal info. So you must keep this in your mind always.
  • Your secrecy will be maintained at any cost. Once again we are focusing on the issue of your private and personal info. Whatever the data we have, we  will never disclose it to anyone. Another most important thing is that we get your details for our business purpose only. So there is not a single element of disclosing your details.
  • You can trust us completely regarding any of your mobile phones issues. We will never deceive you in this case. As we believe that customer is always right. And the basic unit of our business is to provide latest and up to date services to our clients.
  • We provoke any illegal activity.